Project Description

We can provide Valves and Actuators for Oil & Gas, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Chemical, Power, Marine, Mining and General Industry. Global Vision has rich experience in the supply and support services on the all Manuel valves and Actuated Valves Packages. Global vision also offer Actuators of all types ESD, GOV’s, NOV, HIPPS, HYDRAULIC, Electro-Hydraulic Operated valves and Safety Relief Valves as per client requirements. These packages can be supplied with SIL certification suitable for operation in HAZARDOUS Areas.

Our principals are fully equipped with technical team cater to large and technically complex orders. And they are ISO, OHSAS certified and provide products with SIL, CE/PED, EN, IEC and ATEX compliance.

The ESD Valve Packages are supplied from industries’ best manufacturers and are provided with complete Instrumentation, ASME certified Air Tanks, Fire proofing accessories, etc.

Any additional retrofit items like PST (Partial Stroking Test), Positioners, and Valve Leak Detection System, etc can also be provided as per client specification.

HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) valves play a vital role in specific application of Safety Instrumented system for protection of downstream equipment’s from over pressure or upset conditions. The complete HIPPS can be supplied as a complete package with –

  • Initiators
  • Logic solver
  • Final Elements

All these can be supplied with SIL Certification and in accordance to International Safety Standards.

We can also supply all Types of MOV’s with Field Bus connectivity, Master station and Hand held configuration tools as per project requirements from internationally reputed manufacturers. These Actuators are with exceptional performances proven from their past installation records. All kind of local assistance is available for configuration, setup, Installation assistance, etc.

When you think about any process to be automated and controlled in order to achieve a successful results in terms of output with zero losses Control Valves are key players to help you achieve what you want. Control Valves to control conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level for any applications can be supplied by us to suit any process requirements. Global Vision with the support from the manufacturer’s experts review & suggest the suitable types with all required sizing calculations, process parameters, etc. These valves comes with all required accessories like the positioners etc. and all communication protocols like 4-20mA signals for industry, 0-10V for HVAC systems and the introduction of “Smart” systems, HART, Fieldbus Foundation and Profibus are available as per client requirements.

These control valves are available in Reverse Double-Ported Globe-Style Valve Body, Three-Way Valve with Balanced Valve Plug, Flanged Angle- Style Control Valve Body, Valve Body with Cage- Style Trim, Balanced Valve Plug and Soft Seat.

In the face of such challenges, valve actuation has become an even more vital part to play in any oil and gas facility.

Whether you operate Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Water & Waste Water, Mining, Power, and Industrial Process. They are integral to the smooth running of your plant – the one product that will help you controls your valves and drive efficiency and safety. Global vision can not only provide you with a range of standard solutions that are robust, durable and compliant, but also customize actuators to meet your specific requirements.

We provide a wide range of Safety interlock systems for valves and other Safety accessories for Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Food industries.

Global Vision excels in catering diverse field of Oil & Gas production. In order to maintain the excellence Global Vision covers almost all major equipment for Oil & Gas Production.

A segment of this special product range is Well head Equipment – valves, X-Mas trees and parts, flanges etc. You can count on us in your requirement of Well head equipment. We can supply Wellhead Equipment And Valves compliant to internationally recognized standards e.g. API-6A & API 16C to guarantee each product come to customers with very best condition and to suit their requirements.

We are committed to provide quality solutions for the Oil & Gas Production Industry…
Traditionally, the connection of individual flow lines to a single production flow stream and to a test separator required a manifold with multiple two- or three-way valves, shut-off devices and complex piping runs.

This conventional method required manual operation with considerable maintenance, downtime, numerous potential leak points, and risk to personnel. Solution for this challenging requirement is Multiport Flow Selector which allows the diversion of fluids from a single flow line to a test outlet or a sampling device. A single Multiport Flow Selector can manifold as many as eight flow lines through it simultaneously. While the one outlet is isolated, the flow from the other seven is combined into a separate group outlet. This unique flow selector can be used in a variety of oil and gas or process applications.

Global Vision focuses more on complex issues faced by clients and emphasizes more in providing them with an engineered, most economically feasible and optimum solution through their principals.

For an instance Global Vision deals with supply of Compact high pressure valves and manifold system components for all environments of the oil and gas industry including onshore and offshore. It’s a way of helping you maximize space, minimize weight and increase production.