Project Description

Global Vision strives for excellence- both in products and services. In order to meet the expectations of our customers and to increase the level of customer satisfaction, we can deliver according to individual specifications and special requirements.


Our portfolio covers various steel grades, austenitic, ferritic, austenitic-ferritic classes, duplex, super duplex and a dimensional range from 4-168mm with wall thickness of 0.2-28mm and a maximum tube length of 25metres.

The product segment includes Instrumentation tubes, Boiler tubes, Furnace tubes, Hollow bars , Heat-exchanger tubes, U bent Tubes, General tubes & pipes, Tubes of nickel alloys, Steel Coupling, Elbows, Flanges, Tees and other pipe fittings


Global Vision can supply all kinds of Pipes (Line Pipes, ERW, SAW, etc) in different material grades and up to any size as per project requirements. All fittings not limited to Flanges, Blinds, Bends, Tee joints etc. can be provided as per client needs from reputed / certified foundries/ Mills.


Steel pipe is particularly prone to corrosion and scaling that incurs high costs for both ongoing maintenance and emergency repair. As steel pipe lines deteriorate the transmission capacity reduces which has a direct impact on commercial operations, increasing costs and lowering profitability. While FRP Pipes are characterized for their outstanding corrosion resistance, scale and paraffin deterrence, low coefficient of friction, low distance pressure-drop, easy installation, high safety and operating reliability. We provide a wide range of FRP pipes , fittings and flanges for Oil & Gas industries and other industrial uses with compliance to International standards.


Various types of Pipe support hangers for Chemical, food and Oil & Gas industries are available as per customized requirements and our products are in compliance with International Standards.