Project Description

System Integration, Plant Automation, DCS, ESD and F&G Systems

GLOBAL VISION with its strong support and rich experience and knowledge from their Principals can provide services in the DCS, SCADA, ESD & F&G systems & Plant Automations and controls. Although unique specialization and requirements has been in projects for power stations and oil and gas processing plant, including refineries and oil well equipment. With the deep knowledge & hundreds of man-hours experience on DESIGN & the software and hardware handling capabilities of all major system manufacturers, gives the company the knowledge and versatility for any project in the automation field


Global vision also offers and provides expert solutions on the safety Integrated systems on the F&G related systems through their Principals who have a strong background on the Design and system Integration of the F&G related systems and services, Fire suppression systems etc. as a complete package with integration to ESD up to SIL according to International standards .


Global Vision is known for introducing modern services which are strongly recommended to meet high standards due to recent Industrial advances. In order to achieve this Global Vision with their pioneered partner involved in a business for providing the software and solutions to improve the lives of millions of people through better facilities, safer communities and more reliable operations. We are proud to present long-termed expertise with our partners in the Intergraph-CAD-/CAE surroundings and have a pool of experts networking.


Global Vision’s Prime focus is to provide best possible solutions for Industries in order to achieve the Optimized Operational Cost. Have you ever imagined how much cost can be saved by implementing the Smart Operation Systems in Plants. This revolutionary software is a future of Industry when it comes to avoid the cost on serious failures before they happen. The said potential software of its own kind which indicates early warnings and advises on diagnostic for future failure, cause and proposes Preventive measures.

This specific tool helps the operators in Control Room not only with the Tag No. of Equipment but to locate the equipment where failure may occur and also directs them in a virtual 3D Plant Environment about the location. This is not enough – it may assist you with 3D Images (showing part to be rectified or replaced in an isometric view of components for that equipment) along with Service Manual and spares details with cost etc. This reduces drastically the operation & maintenance cost by such advance alarming & service / maintenance guidance avoiding shutdowns or downtime for repairs.


Plants and Industries are getting complex day by day with stringent requirements of documentation and to simplify the management of equipment’s and facilities with our partners is a lean, intuitive and affordable operations management system. The software organizes data efficiently — so it’s where you need it, when you need it — while streamlining inspection and reporting processes to help you stay compliant. Its architecture is equally simple: It takes the best tools from enterprise resource planning, safety, project and asset management systems and combines them into a site-centric software suite. Take control of sites, facilities, equipment, inspections, work orders, projects, incidents and much more. With handy functionality, like dashboard KPIs, mobile integration and powerful quick-searching capability, we assure your data doing the heavy lifting for you.